Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical wiring methods have changed drastically over the past 40 years for Gainesville Electricians. Since I began the electrical trade, we, as Commercial electricians, knowmuch more about proper use of grounding and separation of the Neutral Wires.

Installation of Commercial Switch Gear

Most Gainesville Electricians and Commercial Electrical Technicians at some point, mustProvide Conduit, Placement of Large Electrical Switches, and installation of the ElectricalFeeders that are being Manipulated by this Switch Gear. Some of these wire pulls mayextend over hundreds of feet. The Conduits range anywhere from 2” to 4 inch conduit.The type of Conduit used really depends on the type of facility being served by thisinjected electrical circuits. Electricians near you may use Electrical Metallic Conduit. Thisproduct is a common, thinly-walled raceway that is often chosen in place of galvanizedrigid conduit. It is made out of coated steel and aluminum. Smaller sizes of EMT Conduitcan be bent with a hand bender. Larger pieces such as 90 degree elbows can bepurchased from electrical parts distributors. Rigid, or IMC Conduit are more commonlyused in outdoor settings, especially those located around or near corrosive chemicals.Also PVC conduit is a cheaper option. It works exceptionally well in wet locations. It isnot as sturdy. Also, it must be prepped ,glues, and strapped more than it’s Rigid Cousin.

Termination of Large Electrical Conductors

In these large switches, also known as Switch Gear, these large wires must be terminatedin a stringent process by Gainesville Electricians. This involves tedious work. TheConductors of very large copper must be measured, cut to fit, and lugged. Typicallythese installs would be expected to last for the life of the equipment’s life. In certainutilizations, Electrical Contractors will come in during shut down periods, and clean,prep, and re-tighten any and all terminations. In Cheaper applications, mainly wherethese switches are used on gear that has no regular manipulation, this maintenance isn’tregularly scheduled. However, over time, the heating, cooling, and eventual deformationof the parts used can cause poor connections. The poor connections definitely can harmthe performance of the gear and the components being served.


Cable Tray

Cable Tray and Trays are sections or portions and pre-fabricated rigid structural system used tosupport cables and raceways securely fasten them from existing in an unruly existence.These are usually used on larger projects and industrial settings.

Installation of Commercial receptacle and switch boxes

Installation of Junction boxes, especially in commercial settings, can be difficult. TheNational Electrical Code of Gainesville Electricians requires grounding, strapping, andcoverage that differs from residential installations.

Commercial Lighting

Lighting in these settings usually cover much greater spaces. Also, these lighting systems use multiple voltages from time to time. They may use single phase voltages orsometimes they utilize 3 phase voltages.

Transformers are Electrical Components normally used to change a voltage level from autility distribution voltage to a voltage that is usable within the building, and are alsoused to reduce building distribution voltage to a level that can be utilized by specificequipment. These components range from hundreds of different sizes that use manydifferent voltages, with even more output varieties. There are many applications. Usually,these are designed by electrical engineers and their Electrical Contracting Partners.


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